We endeavour to provide post graduate training to qualified therapists about the amazing benefits of providing massage therapies for people with experience of cancer. Therapists often work as independent practitioners and the cost of training may be prohibitive.

The Amethyst Trust is a registered charity (charity number 1135872) set up in 2010 and originally set out to raise funds in order to cover the basic costs of providing free beauty and holistic treatments to cancer patients. In order to provide as much training as is required to satisfy this ever increasing demand our aim is to subsidise courses for those who do volunteer work in hospices.

Continued Professional Development is also key to improve techniques and share knowledge more freely by providing webinars and media platforms that make the sharing of training more accessible.

If you have found that being treated by an Amethyst Trust Therapist has helped the way you feel about having cancer then please donate to our cause and help other people gain access to our wonderful therapies by calling 01452 414770 where we can take donnations over the telephone or send a cheque made payable to Amethyst Trust to the follwoing address - thank you.

Amethyst Trust Head Office, 26 Station Road, Gloucester. GL1 1EW.