Sue Berriman at The Rose Room Beauty & Holistic Therapy Salon

 “SPECIALIST CANCER MASSAGE - I am so pleased to share with you my news . I have completed my training on "specialist cancer massage", this verifies and certifies me to support all my clients and patients and not have to turn them away at a time when they need specialist therapy the most. Evidence based research and medical support proves that people with cancer can have astounding benefits from receiving massage treatment.

Special thanks to Debbie at Keheren Therapy and "The Amethyst Trust" , you have provided me the solution to something that has frustrated me as a therapist for many years,  this will enable me to continue to provide high professional competence and support to all of my clients/friends.”

Michelle Waters

 “I really enjoyed today course, very informative, Handouts were really helpful”

Frank Conner-Hughes

 “Brilliant to get talking with like-minded people, information was excellent thank you”

Ruth Corke

 “Loved the course exactly what I was looking for, Ben as always very easy to ask questions and Explained thing very clearly”

Vicki Long

“I had a fantastic day on training for cancer massage. I feel the information I have gained today is so important and I feel so excited to be able to treat people now I have more knowledge. Thank you Ben you are a fantastic trainer! So knowledgably”


Emma England

“Ben is very knowledgeable and inspirational. He has a very good way of teaching and I feel completely understand what we have learnt today”


Amardeep (Rinky) Matharu Lall

“Course was great really opened eyes to how you can massage cancer clients, learnt so much Claire is a great trainer.  I so would have like to know about cancer massage when I first trained back in 2006, here to the future with cancer training I have learnt and will be treating clients”

Lisa Howard

“I found this course truly enlightening and the Jacqui was superb in the deliverance.  This will completely change the way that I treat my clients in the future and I would be interested in more course with Jacqui again”

Anita Lelu 

"Very relaxed style of teaching lots of extra tips given.  A lovely nurturing massage easy to understand”

Faye Howells-Palin

"Lovely setting Jacqui was great with the training very informative covered so much looking forward to putting everything I’ve learnt into offering massage for cancer clients”

Soulla King

“I found this course very interesting and informative. And Jacqui’s passion for her job shone through”  

Emily Holmes

“I’ve found todays training really very helpful and informative. In the past I’ve always found it hard when having to turn away Clients for treatment, when it obvious it would benefit them an awful lot. Not only their bodies but their state of mind too.  I’m excited that I now feel confident enough to treat any client at a time when they truly need it is hope my clients will enjoy having the treatment too” 

Lisa Barden - General Manager of the UK Spa Association and Wavestone Trainer. 

"The Specialist Cancer Course with The Amethyst Trust is essential training for any therapist or practitioner desperately wanting to provide a nurturing supportive treatment for clients living with cancer. Well done Julie, Kerry and Debbie and everyone behind the brilliant Amethyst Trust." 

Kim Ford - Expert Beauty Solutions and International Business Development Manager of VTCT. 

"Thank you to Julie and Kerry, for the amazing course on safe massage and treatments for clients living with cancer. Excellent theory content and practical skills. A course not to be missed to give you the highest professional knowledge, skills and standards in your treatments for these clients. Keep learning!"

Kerry Prentice - HND Beauty and Massage Therapist and Hydrotherm Trainer. 

"The people I massage may be inpatients or outpatients, I give them a time where they know nothing medical or invasive is going to happen. They allow themselves to forget what is happening and go to a more tranquil place.

Some patients like having the treatment not for the massage but for the touch therapy and it enables them to relax, forget or just feel ‘normal’ again. Some patients are surprised that they are allowed to have massage as they have been told by other therapists that they can't so this brings great joy."

Kerry work's in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where medical staff from nurses to consultants promote massage for those receiving and recovering from cancer treatment.

Kim Ford - International Examiner, Expert Witness, Beauty Therapist. London.

“Being a therapist for over 30 years and getting the diagnosis of cancer was to put it mildly a shock! I had worked endlessly helping clients to feel good about themselves and boosting their confidence to face the world and here I was going through endless hospital visits, having chemotherapy treatment where I seemed to suffer every side effect going and feeling that I looked dreadful. I felt I would love for my own friends and family not to treat me as different or be scared to touch me in case they hurt me. I felt like shouting ‘I just want to be treated as normal please’.

During my cancer treatment I received treatments such as massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, Reiki and Indian Head; it was great just to shut down have time for me away from everything, it made me feel human again and helped me see things as a therapist from the other side and how important it is for therapists not to treat a cancer suffer with fear, but to learn how to treat us safely; adapting treatments and treat us as ‘normal’.

It made my life just that little bit easier in a time when you feel that your life has changed forever."

Maggie W, Bucks

"When I noticed something was wrong, fear, uncertainty and a feeling of uselessness was paramount in my mind.  On diagnosis fears became real and life takes on a different focus. Not only do you rely upon family and friends to be there for you but also someone with whom you can share your fears and hopefully plans for the future.  I was lucky, not only did I have a very loving family network including a sister who has survived breast cancer, but also a therapist who had the most reassuring touch anyone could wish for.  Hands which just knew where the massage would be most effective for my needs that day; sometimes warm, other times cool. So many different experiences in one massage was amazing and gave me such a feeling of wellbeing.

I had been going to John Holman for Hydrotherm treatments on an ad hoc basis for many years. I played squash on a regular basis and found there were times when I had overstretched, pulled muscles or just felt the need for a relaxing massage.  It was during one of these relaxing massages that a lump was noticed in my abdomen. I knew my abdomen was getting larger and had decided that going to the gym was the answer – it was not!  I went to my doctor who took blood tests and sent me for both x-rays and ultrasound and following these I had an operation to remove a very large tumour from my abdomen. The consultants did not initially know what type of cancer it was and could only tell me that it was attached the peritoneum.

I continued to have my massages with John as it was a source of great comfort to me as it provided continuity in my otherwise chaotic life. I began a course of chemotherapy on the 11th of June 2008 but radiotherapy was ruled out because of the proximity of major organs.  One week after my first course of chemotherapy I had severe pains in my left leg and thigh and spoke with John to see if I could continue with my massages, he agreed which was a great relief to me and a complete joy as it appeared that the pain was taken down my leg and out through my toes, I had every confidence and trust in John and his skills and I was now a regular with my treatments of every four weeks and booked a year ahead, a practice that I have maintained to this day.

John was the link to a “normal life” and after my session I always able to do most things and felt confident and relaxed, I did note that I was not as tired as my fellow “inmates” seemed to be.  When my Son phoned and asked “Mum, if I could get you a little treat what would you ask for?” My answer was simple “A treatment with John please”

I had no adverse effects from any of my massage treatments from John throughout my diagnosis, treatment and recovery and I had every confidence in John and trusted him unconditionally.  I have no doubts that receiving a massage every four weeks was a major part of my recovery and as mentioned I continue this practice today. I would recommend massage to anyone undergoing cancer treatment for the comfort of touch and sense of wellbeing it delivers"

Melanie Ryan, Brisbane Australia

"So wonderful to be a part of such a much needed development within the industry. It was a real privilege to experience the training and to be amongst the very first massage therapists to be able to contribute to the wellness of someone going through cancer. Amethyst Trust Specialist Cancer Massage Training brings the potential of massage to a whole new level and I am thrilled and excited about the endless possibilities. Thank You Amethyst Trust"

Carol Mulcahy, Berkshire

"It is amazing how in just one day my long held views and concerns about massage for people with cancer can be transformed from a place of fear to one of confidence. The fact that their information has been reviewed by experts in this field and that I can get insurance that does not require me to seek a Doctors permission to offer my clients the healing power of touch just shows how much care and skill has gone into what is taught and presented. The Amethyst Trust training is just wonderful."

Mark Webster

"I consider myself truly privileged to have known John Holman for more than 20 years as both a client in his massage business and now as a friend. I am relatively new to the world of a massage therapist but am very fortunate in that John has been instrumental in my early education. I am delighted that I did not learn how to fear massage for those with cancer and have had such an early opportunity to be taught the facts rather than the fiction. Thanks John"